As Montana begins the process of gradually re-opening, we'll be seeing a lot of locations open up for the first time in weeks. But in this case, we'll be seeing one open up for the first time, period.

A new emergency care center for pets has just opened up across the street from the Southgate Mall. Sentinel Veterinary Medical Center is now open on South Garfield Street and is meant to serve as a launchpad while they build another emergency facility.

This has actually been in the works for some time now - the doctors in charge have been putting this together for over a year at this point. The new facility is open nights and weekends, and they have goals to offer more advanced medical services for pets that currently aren't available in Missoula. They also plan to offer 24/7 services in the near future.

It's a crazy time to try to open a new business, but this is one that will serve a necessary function in the community. Have you spotted the new medical center while driving around Missoula yet?

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