A few weeks ago, we heard that Missoula would be moving its COVID-19 testing site out of the Missoula County Fairgrounds to another location in town. There were a few reasons given for the movie - it's cheaper to pay for the new location, but more importantly, the health experts there won't be subjected to intense heat during the summer - or, depending on how long we need a testing site, the freezing cold of the winter.

So the new site finally opened this week, located at 4025 Flynn Lane, at the old Garden City Warehouse off West Broadway. It's still a drive-through testing center, and according to testing branch director Becca Walla, it works exactly the same way it did at the fairgrounds.

Testing at the new site began on Monday, and is still, at the moment, by appointment only. Meaning if you feel you need a COVID test (and are experiencing symptoms), you'll need to call ahead and set up a time to arrive, which you can do at 258-INFO. The site has been averaging about 50 tests a day, with results usually arriving in about 24 to 48 hours. They say that rapid testing, a process which shows your results in about 20 minutes, is also on the way.

Have you had to get a COVID test yet? For a while, they were testing asymptomatic patients and I was considering going to get one, but they changed their policy as cases started to rise and they needed to conserve testing supplies. Hopefully, they've got everything they need, and the new location provides some relief for those who've been working intensely hard since the pandemic began.

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