We all have those little computers and professional grade cameras in our pockets. Thanks to those fancy gadgets, it has been easier for people to capture footage and photos of things you may otherwise never believed could happen. They are also useful tools for capturing proof of events that took place. Take a grizzly bear attack that took place here in Montana back in 2016. After Todd Orr was attacked not once, but twice, by a mama grizzly bear. Todd pulled his phone out of his pocket to take video and pictures of the aftermath.

According to Time.com

He filmed a video of himself explaining what happened and snapped a few photos to send to his hunting buddies before driving to the hospital. The next morning, after multiple surgeries, he decided to post the video to Facebook where he figured “around 50 people” might be interested. Within 24 hours, the video had racked up more than 20 million views. To date, more than 38 million people have seen it, with 600,000 Facebook shares and several hundred comments and private messages.

Todd's video became so popular that it even caught the attention of Daniel Tosh, and his Comedy Central show Tosh.0. Tosh invited Orr to tell his story in a segment known as Web Redemption. The segment tries to reenact the viral video. But, re-creating a grizzly bear attack is nearly impossible. That is why Daniel Tosh decided to bring in a fake bear costume and some bikini models to help tell Orr's story.

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