I will admit, when my wife Savannah mentioned that she won a book from a random drawing at her work I didn't think much of it. She works at Missoula Surgical Associates so I thought it would be a medical book of some kind, something that would sit on a shelf and collect dust. She brought home the book she won, and after looking through a few pages, I quickly changed my attitude.

Missoula Memories: The Early Years is exactly what the title describes, it gives you the background of Missoula with some amazing pictures describing how life was in Missoula. What I found remarkable is how businesses change over time but Missoula still looks very similar to photos that were taken 100+ years ago.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

I think the Missoulian, Lambros Real Estate, and Bob Ward's did a fantastic job putting this book together. If you are thinking about getting a copy of Missoula Memories I would highly recommend it. Many places online are saying they are sold out of the very popular local book, but I did notice over the weekend that The Book Exchange in the Tremper's Shopping Center did have multiple copies to sell.


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!