It's been a long time since butts have been in the seats of Washington-Grizzly Stadium to watch a Griz game. And we want to make sure your drought of not being at a game comes to an end.

You know how we do it around here - always passing out freebies for everything happening around town! That's why all season long we're giving away a pair of tickets for EVERY Griz home game through the ZOO FM app! The home opener? Yep! Homecoming? Yep! Even the Brawl of the Wild? Hmmm.....I'm not sure about that one.....let me check.....YEP! You heard it right - it's EVERY SINGLE GRIZ GAME.

The good news is it couldn't be any easier to get your hands on a pair of tickets. Just open your ZOO FM app, tap "MESSAGE US" from the home screen, and send us a message that says "GRIZ TIX," and you're entered to win. To be honest, we're not even sticklers about the rules. If you send us any Griz-related message like "GRIZ," "LET'S GO GRIZ," or "GRIZ RULE," we'll call it close enough and throw you in the drawing.

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Here's a list of games we'll be giving away tickets to:

September 11 | Western Illinois
September 25 | Cal Poly
October 9 | Dixie State
October 16 | Sacramento State
October 30 | Southern Utah
November 20 | Montana State

You can purchase tickets for any 2021 home games HERE.

Alright, send us those messages! Good luck - and GO GRIZ!

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