It's becoming pretty clear that when we eventually look back on 2022 we'll remember it as the year that events really returned to normal. Concerts are back in full force at venues that sat empty for two years, events have returned to being held in-person rather than online, and community gatherings are lined up on the calendar for the summer and fall.

Bring on the beer fests!

Last week we shared the news that the Montana Brewers Fall Rendezvous will make its return in the fall after a two-year hiatus. Yep, the only thing that makes us pout about the announcement of a beer fest is when it's so far out on the calendar. While that one isn't until October, we can rejoice that we live in a beer-loving city that recognizes our thirst for beverages and rewards us with multiple beer fests throughout the year!

The 28th Annual Garden City BrewFest

The fun returns to Caras Park on May 7th where you can raise a glass and make a toast to friends that get to gather once again! After a two-year absence, the brewfest is back!

A Facebook event page has all the details about what you'll find with the Garden City BrewFest:

Often imitated but never replicated, Montana’s ORIGINAL BrewFest returns in 2022! Taste over 70 local and regional beers and ciders in the Heart of Missoula alongside a wine bar, food vendors, music, and more. Free for all to attend and enjoy!

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While it's free to attend, you'll have to break out the wallet for the good stuff! You can sample beers, ciders, and wines with a wristband, 4 tokens, and a glass for just $20.00. Additional tokens will be available at 2 for $3.00.

Everything you need to know about the 28th Annual Garden City BrewFest can be found HERE.

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