As welcoming as Montanans are, I've never heard much enthusiasm for the idea of more people moving here, there's even a "Montana is Full Turn Back" sticker for sale right now on eBay. Maybe it's because housing has gotten much more expensive or because Montanans want to "Keep Montana Weird," which is on a T-shirt, actually. Well I think the best way to persuade out-of staters to move somewhere else is to tell them why even Montanans are choosing other places. Stacker used data from the Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey to find which are the most popular states people move to from each state's population. This article has them all, but we'll focus on the top 3 from Montana. And if you're thinking about moving here, really pay attention:

3. Oregon

Oregon is similar to Montana Western Montana. No sales tax, it's beautiful, no sales tax, friendly people and did I mention no sales tax? They also have a NBA team that's doing well and I'm fairly certain Springfield from The Simpsons was based on Eugene, so Oregon has that going for it too.

2. Idaho

Not only are Montanans moving to Idaho, most of western Montana should technically belong to Idaho. Idaho also has a booming tech industry in Boise and I think it's safe to say that's not something any city in Montana is known for.

1. Washington

Washington has both a NFL team and a NBA team, Seattle is a legendary alternative rock city that gets all the best entertainment, and it's got a lot of wineries. Again, if you're thinking about moving to Montana, I can not emphasize enough how great Washington is.

I'm totally joking, move here if you want to :)

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