In some ways I appreciate Christmas more as an adult than ever before, because as a kid I was mostly focused on the presents. I loved the toys, so much so that I consider myself a toy expert to this very day. You've read about Montana towns as Halloween candy and Montana towns as Thanksgiving foods, now here's Montana towns as children's toys:

Teddy Bear - Hamilton

The fuzzy, wuzzy lovable teddy bear is the personification of Hamilton, the town everybody likes. Hamilton also has its share of real bears, but don't try to cuddle with those.

Yoga Joes - Missoula

You've heard of G.I. Joes, army men action figures. The Missoula equivalent is Yoga Joes, yogi action figures doing different poses. Fitting for the hippie capital of Montana.

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Red Ryder, Carbine Action, 200-Shot, Range Model Air Rifle - Butte

It even has a compass in the stock and it tells the time— A Christmas Story, anyone? Maybe you don't think a BB gun is a children's toy, but in Butte it is. Just kidding <3

Beyblade - Helena

Because politics make my head spin.

Malibu Barbie - Bozeman

Bozeman has been called Böz Angeles because of its growing resemblance to a certain California city, but for the sake of a proper punchline I'll invent a new nickname: Maliböz.

Doll House - Whitefish

Of course, the toy for Whitefish had to be something bougie. Just be careful playing with the fragile, porcelain figurines.

Toy Car - Great Falls

Because my fantasy whenever I'm in Great Falls is to drive away as fast as possible.

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