Montana is a top-tier state for fishing, climbing, skiing and a lot of outdoorsy activities. When it comes to entertainment though, I don't think it's controversial to say there's room for improvement. There's plenty of talent here, I know because I attend many shows and am regularly in awe of the skill and stagecraft by Montanans. There are plenty of local bands, dancers, comedians and actors that you can see on a regular basis— though other kinds of performers are more rare. For variety's sake, here are the kinds of entertainers I think Montana could use some more of:


I know I just told you there are plenty of local bands, and there are. Now what I'm saying is we'd have way more awesome bands if there were more drummers to go arounds. At the moment, it seems like every Montanan drummer's schedule is jam packed practicing and performing in no less than 5 separate projects. If you have enough room at your pad for a drum set, I am begging you to get a kit and watch a few YouTube tutorials.


Just like how local musicians want more drummers, local actors want more filmmakers. They could cast just about any Montanan actor, who are likely not completely booked work on tons of other movies.


Montana is magic and yet somehow it's short on actual magicians, go figure.


I say we bring back entire circuses, minus the animal cruelty.

Mixed-Martial Artists

I know I'm pushing the limits of the term "entertainers" but roll with me. Montana already has a fighter who's a number one ranked in the UFC, bantamweight Sean O'Malley, but I wouldn't mind seeing Montanans take over the other weightclasses too.

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