WalletHub just put together this study figuring out the best and worst states for teenage drivers, ranking different metrics like safety and driving laws by state. So I clicked through, wondering where Montana was at. Number one? That's Maryland. I scroll down. Number two? My home state, New York! Surely Montana must not be far behind!

So then I scroll. And I keep scrolling. And finally, coming in at number 46, Montana shows up. That's out of 50, by the way (because, duh, there's 50 states). The only states Montana did better than were Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arizona.

That's, uh, not great. But we DID rank pretty high up in terms of Most Teen DUIs! Wait, that's not a great place to be, either.

Looks like this is an area that Montana needs to work on. I think we can at LEAST beat New Hampshire next year, people, let's make this happen.

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