A few months back, we discovered that Montana drinks more beer than almost every other state - I guess it makes sense that we'd be one of the most hungover, too.

Zippia just did a study thank ranked each state in the US, from most hungover to least hungover. Normally, there's a survey involved and they have to analyze all kinds of different data, but they took a different approach with this one. They just looked up the frequency that people in each state were looking up hangover cures on Google - the idea being that, if you're looking up a hangover cure, you're probably already dealing with a hangover.

Is it the most scientific way to approach this? Probably not, but I can't argue with that logic. And Montana managed to crack the top 10 on the list, taking the number nine spot. Here's what they said about us:

Montana is tied with Hawaii on being the eight-most hungover state with a 64 search volume. Even with lots of exploring to do in Montana, it’s clear everyone loves kicking back at the end of the day with a scotch on the rocks (or 7).

Oh, man! Did I read that right? We're actually 8th? Hey, we'll take that too. Number one on the list was Alaska, which definitely makes sense since there's not much to do there except drink and be cold.

As far as the least hungover state goes? That honor belongs to Arkansas. Either they drink a lot less over there, or they've got a really strong alcohol tolerance.

Are you surprised to see Montana so high on the list?

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