Do you ever just walk around Montana, see other people as they're going about their day, and think to yourself, "Man, why is everyone so HOT?"

Turns out, it's not just you! Zippia put together this list of the most attractive states in the US - and when they say most attractive, they're talking about the people living in those states, not the states themselves. And Montana placed pretty well on the list, taking the Number 15 spot.

Ok, so it's not quite in the Top 10, but in a way, that's even better - it's like it's more of a secret. People go to Hawaii or California expecting to see beautiful people, but Montana is keeping all of its attractive people to itself. There's more for us!

How did they come to this conclusion? Well, they ranked every state in 5 categories: personal grooming, obesity rates, percent of people who are physically active, average income, and uh, STD rates.

So with all that out of the way, 15 is pretty good! But number one on the list was a bit of a surprise: New Jersey. Nothing against the people of New Jersey, but I lived in New York for most of my life, meaning they were my neighbors, and... I don't see it.

But hey! That's just me. At least we can be thankful we're not in Mississippi, which placed last on this study. If a state had self-esteem, then that would be a pretty rough blow.

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