O Canada! Our neighbors to the North. Our hockey loving, Molson drinking, free healthcare loving friends. How is summer treating you? I have always wondered what summer in Canada is like. There electricity bills must be through the roof, keeping all those ice rinks frozen. But, I assume summer in Canada is much like it is here in Montana. Except they have far more hours of daylight. Im sure it gets swassy hot at times. Im sure no amount of ice cold Molson can quench their thirst. And, much like us here in Montana, you find yourselves looking for ways to cool off. But, you act like you got it all together in your country. That us crazy Americans are a bunch a crazed lunatics. Well then explain this trending video found online.

Let me just say that we don't condone the mistreatment of game animals. I for one have definitely dreamt about what it would be like to ride an elk, but never would actually try it. But, a controversial video recently surfaced online, showing a Canadian man ride a wild moose in the water. Even for such a big critter, they are really good at swimming. Even with a drunk Canuck on their backs.

In fact, according to National Geographic 

Moose are at home in the water and, despite their staggering bulk, are good swimmers. They have been seen paddling several miles at a time, and will even submerge completely, staying under for 30 seconds or more. ... They can run up to 35 miles an hour over short distances, and trot steadily at 20 miles an hour.



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