It's no secret Star Wars is a massive success, well, it was a massive success anyway. In 1997 the original Star Wars was released in theaters and changed fantasy and science-fiction movies forever. It also managed to make the previous archetype for a cinematic blockbuster, the western, look obsolete— quaint even. The next to films in the series, The Empire Strikes back (1980) and Return of the Jedi in (1983) also captivated audiences with epic storytelling and the best special effects known to the world at the time.

Since then the franchise took a nosedive and has never recovered, which is evident looking at the box office disappointments of the last two films combined with audiences' lack of interest the latest season of The Mandalorian. When even Baby Yoda isn't enough to keep people's interest, you know this series is far from its peak. Though Montana's favorite in the Star Wars series is, dare I say it? Far, far away from the peak also., which hosts fan pages for a variety of movies or cinematic icons, used their data to determine the most-popular Star Wars movie in each state. Montana's favorite, for some crazy reason, is Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith from 2005, an absolute disaster of a film. Just two other states shared this blunder as a favorite, New Jersey and New Hampshire, here's an article from Mental Floss to see other states' favorites.

I can't imagine why Montana would like it in particular, it's so dark and tedious, with so many plot holes. But I guess I do like Anakin's hair in that one, although nothing beats the single braid from Episode II.

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