The words and terms people use to describe dating evolves with the times. For instance, I don't think anyone uses the phrase "going steady" anymore. In fact, the only reason why I know that phrase is because I've seen the musical Bye Bye Birdie. These days new terms are being invented so frequently that Tinder felt the need to publish a dating dictionary.

I read it and found plenty of helpful words that could help me describe particular situations I encounter while on the dating scene. Though I couldn't help but notice their so-called dictionary didn't include any of Montana's dating terms. Yes, the Treasure State has a vernacular that everyone here actually uses, that my coworkers and I definitely didn't make up. Here's Montana's dating dictionary:


That's how Montanan's say dumped. Alternatively a woman might say, "my boyfriend's article was so cringe I had to throw the axe at him."

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Men from Bozeman who have absolutely no rizz aka charisma.


Short for a "beauty" who drinks Irish Whiskey and owns several firearms.


When you like someone who's in a relationship and you're ready to make your move the second they break up.

Checking the Tent

When you might want to date someone but you need to see how many people are in the tent first, so to speak. Not all of us are built for polyamory.


When you're not too picky and you'll reel in anything that bites.

Helena Hottie

Someone who's hot with a capitol H— see what I did there?


That's how Montanans describe the art of seduction.


Everyone has their share of baggage just like all our walkways get a lil snowy. Shoveling is putting all that aside.


When a couple are going with the flow and enjoying the ride.

Zootown Animal

Missoulians who can be totally wild between the sheets.

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