After you've spent a day hiking and exploring through the wilderness and trails of a national park, it's nice to kick back, reflect on the day you just had, and have a cold drink. There are a ton of great National Parks around the country, and Montana is home to two of the big ones, Glacier and Yellowstone. So where do we go after we spend a day in one of the parks?

Well, Thrillist had that same question, and they compiled a list of 10 Great Breweries Right By National Parks. And sure enough, one of Montana's made the cut - that would be Backslope Brewing, located in Columbia Falls about six minutes outside of Glacier National Park.

Here's what they had to say about Backslope in the article:

Backslope Brewing is about as close as it gets to Montana's vertiginous, hypnotic paradise -- only a six-minute drive from the park’s West Glacier entrance and about 20 minutes from Lake McDonald. The Columbia Falls taproom and kitchen is simple in design, but what it lacks in flair it makes up for with its surprisingly diverse draft list and similarly wide-ranging menu -- where else can you get a labneh plate, fried pickles, and gnocchi all in one meal? The solid bill of primarily malt-forward drafts includes the richly layered, pitch-black Foreman stout and a rotating selection that ranges from double IPAs to barrel-aged saisons. But the real star of Backslope's show is, of course, the panoramic mountain views. Nothing -- not even great beer -- can beat those.

I mean, when you put it like that, it's hard to argue. I know travel isn't really on a lot of people's minds right now thanks to COVID-19, but Glacier is open for the season and boy, does that sound appealing. Have you ever stopped by Backslope on your way out of Glacier?

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