Most people look forward to getting presents on their birthday - your friends, family, and whoever else all coming together to make it as special as possible. But over at Krispy Kreme, they're looking to celebrate their birthday by giving out presents - and naturally, those presents will come in the form of donuts.

This Friday, July 17th is Krispy Kreme's 83rd birthday, so to celebrate they'll be giving their customers a free dozen donuts! The only catch is - and there's always a catch - you've got to buy a dozen first before you can claim them. Buy a dozen of whatever you want, and then they'll hook you up with a free dozen of Original Glazed donuts. Then you can distribute them among your family, friends, co-workers... or, y'know, just keep all 24 donuts for yourself. That's always a good plan too.

The giveaway is not available for delivery, so you'll need to be there in-person, whether that's dining in, ordering online for pickup, or getting takeout to go.

My birthday was just a few weeks ago, and if I were able to give everybody who wanted them free donuts, I would make it happen. Unfortunately, I can't do that, so I'm glad Krispy Kreme is picking up the slack in that department. Will you be taking advantage of this free dozen?

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