We've all heard of Malibu Barbie, with her swim suit, beach towel and totally outrageous pink, bubble glasses. Truly the pinnacle of dolls, nay, the absolute peak of all toys known to mankind. That is, until Mattel makes the Barbie that the people truly want deep down— Montana Barbie.

Do yourself a favor and DON'T Google the phrase "Montana Barbie" because there are fake results with photoshopped dolls no one would play with. When Mattel does come to its senses to create a Barbie for the Treasure State, here are my suggestions for clothing and  accessories:

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Pickup Truck

You might think Barbie only drives little sports cars, but 3 years ago Mattel released the "Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Truck & Doll Set." The Montana pickup would be different though, still pink but bulkier and with snow tires.


Of course Montana Barbie would be rodeo ready, with gear for lassoing bulls or Ken if he's misbehaving.

Picnic Basket

Perfect for lunch at one of Montana's national parks, complete with Flathead cherries and huckleberries.


For floating rivers during the hot, Montana summers. Yes, of course the intertube should be pink.

Montana-Branded Apparel

You know, like those "I <3 Montana" shirts you see at gift shops. If you're wondering, yes it is cool for locals to wear those kinds of shirts too, they're not just for tourists.

Pink Flannel

You don't see a lot of pink flannels out there, but whatever Barbie wears could become a thing in fashion.

Fly-Fishing Gear

Barbie's popularizing pink flannels doesn't seem like much of a stretch, but I also think she could do the same for wading boots.

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