Looks like the staff of the Missoulian may have to relocate to a new spot soon. Word on the street is, the building on South Higgins which houses the newspaper is going up for sale tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say the word on the street is pretty reliable - I mean, I did hear it from the Missoulian itself. The 56,000 square foot building will be listed at $8,583,000 by ERA Lambros Real Estate.

As far as relocation goes, the business isn't looking to move, but will if it comes to that. If they do move out of the building, their plan would be to stay in the downtown or midtown area, a "high-traffic area that would need to be very visible and accessible to our customers." They say that the sale shouldn't affect news or advertising operations at the newspaper while it's going on.

They say they'll look at all offers, but it looks like they're pretty hopeful to stay in the same building. And I hope they do, too - the Missoulian building is a distinctive part of downtown Missoula, a recognizable location on the Hip Strip that everyone passes when crossing the bridge. As someone who only moved to town a couple of years ago, it was an easy landmark to identify as I got my bearings on how to get around.

But, we'll see what happens. All of the info you need on the sale - and hey, who knows, maybe you're looking to buy it - can be found at the article linked above.

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