We asked, you answered. Turns out, people are really passionate about their favorite cheeseburgers!

A couple days ago, I asked a simple question: Who has the best burger in Missoula? I'm new in town and love burgers, so it's important I know where to get a great one as soon as I can.

There was a ton of support for the Missoula Club, which I'll definitely be checking out soon. I also saw some love for Freddy's Steakburger.

One listener says that Missoula has no good burger places, and I'll need to make a drive for one. Kailey Austin Hood throws out a few names: "Now Napps Grill in Hamilton? Or Parker's in Drummond? Outstanding!"

Meanwhile, Kailey Allred is a fan of The Oxford, which got a few votes: "The Oxford for sure. So delicious and you can't beat the price!"

If you want to see what other people are saying (and maybe throw your own vote into the mix), you can check it out below. As for me, I've got a long list of places to check out, so I better get started.

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