We're counting down the days until Mumford & Sons at Ogren Park - it's probably the biggest show in Missoula this entire summer. And when you get a show that big, a lot of work has to go into it. And that work might have an effect on some places around town.

Like, for example, the boat ramp in Silver Park, the only public boat ramp in town on the Clark Fork River, which happens to be located very close to where the show is taking place. The venue is going to need it to load equipment into the back of the stadium, which means they'll be shutting the boat ramp down to the public all weekend long, from 11 PM on Friday to 7 AM on Monday.

However, if you're able to get in and out of the river on foot, floaters will still be able to use it - just anybody looking to pick up rafts will be prohibited from the area. The idea is to keep the area free for all of the workers who are putting the show together this weekend.

So keep it in mind if you were looking to use the boat ramp this weekend - otherwise, we'll catch you along with 10,000 others at the show on Sunday!

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