We got a taste of unseasonably warm weather in Missoula last week, and I don't know about you, but it absolutely fooled me into thinking Spring was arriving early, no matter what that dumb groundhog said.

So I'm already looking forward to the seasons changing - give or take a "Classic Arctic Intrusion" -  and one of my favorite Missoula summertime events has got to be both Out to Lunch and Downtown Tonight. A bounty of food trucks, live music, an awesome gathering space downtown, beautiful weather - what more could you want?

And now, Downtown Missoula is taking steps to gear up for the upcoming Out to Lunch/Downtown Tonight season.

Applications Are Now Open to Be Part of Out to Lunch and Downtown Tonight

The Missoulian reports that Downtown Missoula is seeking applicants in a variety of different roles for Out to Lunch and Downtown Tonight this season.

First off, they need food and beverage vendors, which will be chosen based on criteria that includes their menus, size, and past relationship with Downtown Missoula. Applications to be a food vendor have to be submitted by March 4th.

Then, they're gonna need music - entertainers who can perform for the full three hours each event requires. There are 26 dates that they'll be needed, and they can apply by filling out an application and submitting three music samples by March 11th.

Finally, they're also going to need activities for the kids. If you're an organization in town that can provide that, you can fill out the form online. They're still seeking sponsors for the events too, if that's something that interests you.

Out to Lunch and Downtown Tonight are the kind of thing that make Missoula... Missoula! If you want to be part of it, you'll be working within a longstanding tradition that dates back almost 40 years.

All the applications you need can be found at Downtown Missoula's website.

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