Every part of the world has been experiencing all different kinds of shortages over the past two years, all in their own unique ways. Just in Missoula, we've seen shortages on everything from snow tires to foam to red bull. But now, we're experiencing a shortage that could have a severe impact on local bars as they get ready for St. Patrick's Day in March.

Have You Noticed That Most Missoula Bars Don't Have Any Jameson In Stock?

That's right - Montana is currently experiencing a shortage of Jameson Original Irish Whiskey. The Missoulian took a deep dive and explored the shortage by talking to several bar owners from across the state, including representatives from the Press Box and the Thomas Meagher Bar here in Missoula. They've both been out of original Jameson for over a month at this point.

Weirdly, it seems like Montana is actually the only state that's been having this problem, and it's currently unclear as to why that might be. But it also looks like it's not going to get fixed any time soon - Grizzly Liquor is saying there's no estimated date on when they might have Jameson in stock.

The bars have made due with alternative whiskies in the meantime, but this could be a problem if it persists through St. Patrick's Day - can you imagine going out to a bar and NOT seeing shot glasses filled with Jameson everywhere?

Have you tried to order Jameson at a local bar and been shot down? Any chance you've got inside info on when we might see it make its return to Missoula?

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