Yesterday, we reported about how the Poverello Center was changing its hours of operation in response to a positive COVID-19 test, which really drives home how it's been dealing with the impact of the virus and preparing for winter. It's a difficult time for the Center, which has had to cancel many events and fundraisers over the last few months because of the pandemic.

So, a Missoula high school senior from Hellgate took it upon herself to do some good. Isabel Nolte has organized an online art auction called "Art For Shelter: An Artistic Experience in Giving," with all proceeds going to benefit the Poverello Center.

Here's a little bit from the Poverello Center's website from Isabel about why she chose to help out:

Hello, thank you for visiting this online auction! My name is Isabel Emmert-Nolte, and I have been working with the Poverello Center over the past couple of months to put this auction into motion. I am heading into my senior year at Hellgate High school as a part of the IB diploma program, and in order to acquire my IB diploma, I have to complete a C (community) A (activity) S (service) project. Having lived in Missoula my entire life, I wanted to help my community in any way that I could through my CAS project as the pandemic began to have effects. That being said, I felt my efforts would be the most useful when put towards peoples that are being immediately impacted by the virus. I had never worked with the Poverello Center before, but this one seemed like a worthy cause, as well as a safe way to help people during a time of need.

Now, the auction's been going on for a few weeks and only lasts until August 22nd, so if you'd like to bid on an item, you can do that right here.

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