Yesterday, we reported that the Missoula City-County Health Department closed down Stockman's Bar in downtown Missoula, and we mentioned that Stockman's was one of five locations that the Health Department had sent a final warning to about complying with COVID-19 restrictions.

Well, it looks like they felt the need to shut down another one of the five - word has come through that Bodega and Monk's Bar, also in downtown Missoula, have been shut down too, for the same reasons.

Apparently, health specialists visited both bars at the beginning of October, and the found that customers weren't made to socially distance from one another, people were standing and hanging out at the bar rail, and there were "inadequate face coverings," likely meaning that people weren't wearing masks the way they're supposed to. Apparently for Monk's, it also noted that customers were dancing in large groups on the dance floor, not social distancing or wearing masks. (Which makes sense - according to their Facebook page, Monk's has been having in-house DJs on hand almost every week.)

It's likely that we're going to see more places have to close over the next few weeks and months as COVID cases rise in Montana. If Bodega and Monk's work with the Health Department and create a written plan for them to approve, they should be able to be back in business soon. The same thing happened to Missoula Club recently, and they've already reopened.

Have you stopped by Monk's over the last few weeks? Did you feel as if they weren't following COVID protocols?

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