Over the last few weeks, we've seen a few different businesses close their doors - some out of concern for public safety, others because they had an employee test positive for COVID-19, and still others that were forcibly shut down by the Missoula City-County Health Department. The ones that were forced to close included the popular Missoula Club in downtown Missoula and the Alcan Bar in Frenchtown, the reason being that they were determined to not be properly following social distancing and mask-wearing regulations. (It looks like the Mo' Club's shutdown was short-lived though, as they appear to be open again, according to their Facebook page).

And now, a couple more health department shutdowns have taken place - Benny's Frenchtown Club and Stockman's Bar in downtown Missoula. These were two of five locations that the health department had given final warnings to - the others were Roam Student Living, Larry's Six Mile Bar, and Monk's.

So what does Stockman's have to do in order to reopen? They'll have to work with the health department and provide a detailed plan to show that they will now meet the safety requirements, and that plan will have to be approved by the health department.

Mo' Club was shut down and then reopened over the span of a couple of days, so as long as Stockman's really does put in the work, they should hopefully be able to get back in business pretty soon.

Have you been to Stockman's during all this? Did you feel like they were taking their safety measurements seriously?

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