Remember Ghost? The movie with Patrick Swayze, where he plays a ghost?

Even if you don't remember all the beats of the movie, you definitely remember the pottery scene. It's iconic, it's been a pop culture staple since the movie was released in 1990, and it's been parodied pretty much everywhere (my favorite being in an episode of Community, where a deranged pottery teacher demands that there be "No Ghosting!")

Anyway, if you're looking to be romantic and show off your sweet pottery skills while watching Ghost at the same time, Clay Studio of Missoula has got you covered. February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day, they're holding "Ghost Date Night," where you'll get to do just that. The event is byob, but the Clay Studio will provide pizza, treats, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tickets are $50 per couple for the general public, or $45 per couple for Clay Studio members. Does this sound like your kind of romantic night?

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