About two weeks ago, we told you that Emma Covill, a Missoula-based artist, had submitted an entry into the annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Art contest, with the grand prize being that the winner's design would be displayed on millions of PBR cans across the nation later this year. And not only did she submit a design, but made it pretty far in the race - she was part of the 25 finalists they had chosen for people to submit their votes for.

Well now, the heat is on - Emma Covill's design must have impressed some people, because they've now whittled the competition down to just five finalists, and Covill's design is still in the mix! The cool thing about that is, even if she doesn't win, she'll be walking away with something. According to the website, all five artists will be commissioned by PBR sometime in the next year, 2nd and 3rd place will receive cash prizes, and first place will win $10,000 along with their design being placed on PBR cans all over the country.

Pretty awesome, right? Head to the link above to place your vote - Emma's design is called "Desert Nightcap." It would be really cool to get some local artwork on the PBR design.

You've got until February 24th to place your votes, which is just a few days away. They'll be announcing the winner just two days later, on February 26th.

Got any ideas to submit for next year's PBR Can Art Contest?

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