Shopping can be deadly as we recently saw on Black Friday.

But, sometimes for men is can be painstakingly horrible in the worst sense. One man in China is dead after choosing to jump to his death instead of enduring one more store of shopping fun with his girlfriend.

Tao Hsiao was shopping with his girlfriend in a very large 3 story mall in east China. After a long day of shopping, his girlfriend decided she wanted to check out the shoe sale at one more store before leaving for home. They got into a tiff. She called him a skinflint (I had never heard this before. Apparently it’s a person who spends as little money as possible.) He threw down the bags he had lugged for her all day and decided jumping to his death would be easier then another hour of shopping.

In all seriousness, this is an incredibly sad case. I can only hope that if you decide to make your significant other follow you to the mall, you at least reward them with a trip to Victoria’s Secret or the mall food court!

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