We've been seeing the Coronavirus in the headlines a lot over the past few months, and even been seeing stories about local scientists working to study it. Of course, the virus originated in China, and there have been plenty of stories about grounded flights and people not being able to travel between countries as a result.

Apparently, an upper-level class at the University of Montana was planning on a trip to China over spring break - but, due to the ongoing crisis, they won't be moving forward with it.

Professors from the program are currently working to find a way to make up for the cancellation to their students. In the meantime, they currently have other trips to China that are scheduled for May and June that will likely be impacted by the Coronavirus as well.

This is definitely a bummer for the students who were looking forward to this trip, but the priority does need to be safety. Hopefully, the work scientists are doing to study the Coronavirus will figure out how to deal with it sooner rather than later.

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