On Saturday, hip-hop artist Machine Gun Kelly used Twitter to tell his fans to show up in the food court of a Cleveland, Ohio mall at 5pm, dressed in disguises.

Hundreds heeded his call, and by the time Kelly and his entourage arrived, wearing their own disguises, there was a significant police and mall security presence. Moments after first addressing the crowd, Kelly was arrested when he refused an order to get down off a table.

Kelly had hinted on Twitter that he might get arrested, and seemed quite pleased when the cops put the cuffs on him.

After Kelly had been taken from the scene of his successful publicity stunt, his fans began running through the halls and stores of the mall screaming. According to police sources, Kelly wasn’t booked into jail, and was instead released with a citation for disorderly conduct.

Watch the footage of Machine Gun Kelly’s arrest below:

[via MTV]

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