Folks in Missoula have the opportunity to buy a rather interesting product to help with their gardening this spring. The Missoula Urban Demonstration Project is hosting its annual Llama Poo Sale. MUD Executive Director Ellie Costello explains why they are selling poo to people.

“We are selling the poo because llama poo and alpaca poo, and this is a mix of those two, it is a manure that you can add straight to your garden and it won’t be so intense that it will burn the plants,” said Costello. “Some things are too high in nitrogen and they need to break down and compost a little first. You can just throw this right in the bed and get some richer soil and get a lot of nutrients to the plants right away.”

According to Costello, the proceeds of this poo fundraiser will go directly to support two local non-profits. The MUD Project will receive half and the rest will go to the Safe Haven Llama Sanctuary in Corvallis.

“It is $15 for a bag and $10 for a bucket,” Costello said. “The buckets are about half of the poo that you get in one of the bags, but you get a bucket along with it. Those are available and if we sell out we will try to go get more for folks, but we might not be able to.”

Costello says the poo is on sale now at 1527 Wyoming Street. Folks can stop by to pick up some poo Monday through Friday from 4-7pm or during the weekend from 10-4pm.

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