Halloween is almost here, and we here at The Blaze want to make sure you get goosebumps. For 15 years now, we have joined forces each Halloween with local paranormal investigators, Tortured Souls Investigations. It is safe to say that in that time, we have discovered some interesting things we cannot explain.

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The following are our TOP 3 Creepiest pieces of evidence TSI has captured.

First, we start with quite possibly the most haunted location in Montana. The Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge is notorious for paranormal activity. Just looking at it from outside the walls can give you chills. But to think of all the inmates that spent much of their lives inside the walls is crazy. Not to mention the fact that the prison is also known for its violent past.

The following video consists of audio captured by the Tortured Souls Investigations team. In the audio, you will clearly hear a disembodied voice say her name, as well as a disembodied voice pleading "HELP ME."

The following video contains audio from an investigation of a local Missoula High School. The Tortured Souls Investigations crew was asked to join a group of students from the school to investigate possible hauntings. The audio captured during the investigation will give you chills. Listen as one of our investigators captures the disembodied voice of a child saying "Mommy."

Finally, we return to the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. This video is from an investigation we did back in 2017. Yours truly tagged along for this one, and the experiences I had in those prison walls were "creepy." to say the least. Around the 1min mark of the following video, you will hear one of our investigators ask "was that you messing with the light?" Soon after a disembodied voice replies "That was me moving the light." I can say that the voice was not mine, as I was holding the recorder. So who was it?

Just a few examples of some ghostly Montana voices caught on tape. Keep checking back to our app, for more updates on our latest paranormal investigation.

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Happy Halloween


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