This is one of those insane, one-in-a-million stories that you'd almost find hard to believe if it weren't true.

A Kalispell family discovered their cat Fluffy completely buried in the snow, and when they got her out, she was totally frozen and unresponsive. Of course, the family rushed her to the local veterinarians, who were quick to act.

According to Dr. Jevon Clark from Animal Clinic of Kalispell, the cat's temperature was so low that even their thermometer couldn't read it, so they know it was less than 90 degrees. Fluffy was completely covered in ice, "360 degrees all the way around her."

They put warm water on her and used heating pads and heated cages to help bring her back. She eventually gained consciousness and was sent to the emergency room, but she was reportedly back to normal by that night.

I can't imagine how terrifying that must be for any pet owner. We're just glad to hear that Fluffy is safe!


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