Joe Rogan is a man who loves hunting, fishing and pretty much anything badass, so naturally he has an appreciation for Montana. Here's 5 times he mentioned the treasure state:

The Montana landscape is beautiful but almost alien, there's no people anywhere out there. It's really, really strange and that takes a little while to sort of accept when you first arrive there. It's like you gotta kinda settle in to the idea that, you know 'hey, this is the Missouri River and this is like a crazy part of the country.

You can judge for yourself how accurate that statement is, but that was Joe's comments in a 2013 video from Meat Eater's YouTube channel.

'Cause he's a @#$%-ing Montana dude, they're different humans.

In a 2018 video from the JRE Clips channel, Joe Rogan reacted to a story of a Montanan who was attacked by a grizzly bear and lived to tell the tale. They show a picture of the man with a gash on the side of his head, and comedian Jay Oakerson commented "he's smiling in the picture," and the quote above was Joe's reply.

Montana... that's a bunch of Californians moving to@#$%-ing Montana.

In the 2020 election episode of JRE titled End of the World #2, Joe commented on Montana voting to legalize cannabis.

It's cold as @#$%... Brian, you need to learn to chop wood.

In episode 1523 Joe, Joey Diaz and Brian Redban fantasize about moving to Montana.

I love it there, I love Bozeman... That winter's a mother@#$% though, son. That winter's real and there's grizzly bears in the woods.

From episode 1448 with Joey Diaz in 2020 once again fantasizing about moving to Montana, but I think he'll only continue to visit, and in the summer only.

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