The Beatles are maybe the most written-about band in all of music, but not everyone knows their Montana connection. Here's the original 1959 song "Hippy Hippy Shake" by Chan Romero from Billings.

There's such an energy to this rock and roll song. Typical of that era, the lyrics are about dancing, which does seem quaint but also fun and whimsical. In an interview for "Jammin Classics" on Tony Reyes' YouTube channel, Chan said he was inspired to play music after seeing Elvis on the Steve Allen Show, you can hear Elvis' influence in the song.

Here's the recording of The Beatles playing the song in 1963 for "Live At The BBC For 'Pop Go The Beatles,'" with Paul McCartney on vocals. Paul has continued to play the song throughout the years, as recently as 2008 from what I could find. A LA Times article mentioned a Paul McCartney interview from Mojo Magazine where Paul ranked Chan Romero number 3 on his list of influences.

"Hippy Hippy Shake" has been featured in The Simpsons, X-Men First Class, The Men Who Stare at Goats, among other movies and tv shows. I think that's because the song is so catchy and it brings a playful energy to any scene that has "Hippy Hippy Shake" as the soundtrack.

Here's the lyrics, which might come in handy the next time you want to shake it:

For goodness' sake
I've got the hippy hippy shake
I've got the shake
Whoo! The hippy hippy shake


Whoo! I can't keep still
With the hippy hippy shake
I get my fill
With the hippy hippy shake
Ooh my babe
Ooh the hippy hippy shake


Well now you shake it to the left
Shake it to the right
Do the hippy shake shake
With all of your might.
And you shake
Whoo! Yes, you shake
Ooh my babe
Ow! The hippy hippy shake

Chan is still rock and rolling to this day, here's a music video he recorded, released 4 years ago.

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