Nothing is more exciting for a nightclub establishment than to have an A-list celebrity walk into the spot and take over their microphone. That's, like, reputation building moments right there! And now, a Whitefish, Montana nightclub can say just that. Because actor/comedian Jamie Foxx was in the building this weekend.

That's exactly what happened at Casey's Bar in Whitefish, Montana last Saturday as Jamie suddenly got up on the mic after having dinner with the owner of the club and just decided to have a little fun with the local crowd.

Special Guest Jamie Foxx - June 6th, 2015Where are we? Whitefish! Montana! Big thanks to our special guest last night, Mr. Jamie Foxx.

Posted by Casey's Bar Whitefish on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Me? Personally as a club DJ, I've played at Casey's and am a HUGE Jamie Foxx fan. I think Casey's is by far the coolest club in the state, and I've followed Jamie's career for years. And to see that this Hollywood legend stopped in to their spot makes me so excited for them.

Check out more footage on Casey's Bar Facebook.

It's been a crazy week for celebrity sightings in the Flathead area! Just a few days back, U2's Bono was spotted hanging in Somers, Montana.

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