When you think of celebrity destinations in Montana, the first places that come to mind are Whitefish and Big Sky. Both have seen their fair share of A-listers. But when Bono from U2 stops into a Somers, MT bed and breakfast for coffee, well, that's just unexpected! 

According to Entertainment Tonight:

Recently, Michelle Ahern had a guest approach her and explain that her boss' plane had arrived early and asked if it would be OK if he stopped in for a cup of coffee. After Ahern said it would be fine, the guest proceeded to mention that her boss was none other than U2's Bono!


Bono was in the area to visit a friend and to break away from the hectic rock n' roll lifestyle. Speaking of....who is this 'friend'?!? We've just GOT to know...any ideas?

Bono also left quite an impression on Michelle Ahern (seen in the photo above), the owner of the Outlook Inn Bed and Breakfast. "What an honor it was to meet a man of that stature. Not only his incredible music career, but his tireless work as a humanitarian has literally saved lives around the world. It is a day I will never forget!" said Ahern.

Did anyone else catch a glimpse of Bono in Montana? Let us know in the comments!

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