The ninth International Choral Festival is July 17-20 in Missoula, and officials are getting a little nervous that 150 of the over 600 visitors still have no host families, and so the call for volunteers is increasing. 

Executive Director Melissa Blunt said the time is growing short before singers and performers from all over the world will be arriving, and host homes and families are still needed.

"We have less than four weeks before over 600 singers arrive from around the world," Blunt said. "We've gotten good response so far, but we still need housing for approximately 150 singers. We're getting a little nervous about finding all those homes in the next four weeks."

Blunt said most of the 150 singers are from youth choirs, ages 10 to 18, and are from Canada or Australia, so they do speak English. She lists the requirements for a host home.

"The singers will arrive on Tuesday, July 16, and depart the following Monday, so they need to be hosted for six days," Blunt said. "Hosts will provide private sleeping accommodations and most meals, and transportation to the venues where the concerts will be held. For families especially with children, hosting these singers will be a very rewarding experience."

Anyone who would like to volunteer their home is asked to visit the International Choral Festival website and follow the links to volunteer as a host family.

Executive Director Melissa Blunt

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