Here's a juicy one: Deb hates the way her boyfriend kisses! Read her letter and leave a comment below if you have advice for Deb.

Deb says:

I've been dating the same guy for two months now, and it's looking like this could blossom into something serious. I have one problem, though – I hate the way he kisses!

Not to be graphic, but the sex is great-it's his kissing that is awful! It feels like I'm kissing a slobbery St. Bernard! I really like him though!

Is kissing an important part of compatibility or can it be overlooked for all his wonderful qualities? Should I tell him I don't like the way he kisses or is that too mean? What should I do?

Please help!


Here's what I think: if everything else is perfect, then you need to step-up and give him an education in making out. Try saying things like, "I like when you..." or "...this is really hot, let's try it this way..." you get the idea. Don't tell him he sucks at kissing, just coach him into being the kisser you want and it'll be awesome!

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