This is an invitation to whomever may be the reigning supreme mix master in enemy territory:

I want to see if Bozeman's DJ's are as good as they say their football team is.

Let's battle.

It's my understanding that the "other" Montana college town has some of the finest turntablists in the region. I'm willing to make the trip on game day to find out. Let me go one step further and put my money where my mouth is as I am willing to donate $25 for every song I mix in a 20 minute time frame. Even if I lose to the soon to be determined experienced judging panel, I will still donate my money to Bozeman's favorite local charity. Again, if you win (which you won't) I'll still donate the same total in your name.

Who's up for the challenge?

I realize that I am stepping into Bobcat County and your support group will be significantly larger than mine, I'm sure to receive many boo's and hisses as I'll proudly be wearing my crimson colors, but rest assured, the one's who do boo and hiss will still be movin' and groovin'.

So there it is. I ask that your city starts the discussion now and begins the preliminaries of nominating your finest. Please report back to Missoula readers by posting a blog introducing my challenger on our Top 40 sister stations website Also a favor to ask of Chadwick, the program director of KISS FM: Can you please find us a venue that will facilitate such an event, and also recruit an opening DJ? Plus, I'd appreciate your suggestions on who we could have to even out the judges seats.

Sorry if this may seem like boasting (which it kind of is, and I rarely do.) but I really think this could offer up a little something unique and fun following the biggest football game of the season.  And even if I do lose (which I won't), I'll still head home with my head held high.

Because, after all, Missoula still has the better football team.


(UPDATE: According to KISS FM in Bozeman, the challenge has been accepted and the venue has been secured. Stay tuned for the official announcement!)


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