If there's two things Montana loves, it's the holidays and parties. A "white Christmas" isn't so much a dream around here, more like a near-certainty. The snowy weather is the perfect backdrop for our Yuletide fun, making soirees with friends and family more cozy and festive. Here's how to throw your holiday party Montana style:


For a Montana-style holiday party, drinking locally is a must. If you're looking for local beer, this list of Montana's best breweries is a great place to start. For wine, read this article and for whiskey, check this out.


Appetizers are to holiday parties as a star is to a Christmas tree. A few plates of deliciousness to share can really raise the jolly level for everyone. Take any common appetizer, wrap it in bacon and voila! You've served appetizers Montana style.


This may come as a surprise, but December is cold in Montana. Shocking, I know. Make sure your party is warm enough for maximum comfort. It wouldn't be the worst idea to have some blankets around, or to start a fire if you have a fireplace and it's legal to light in your area.


I absolutely love standing around chatting for hours on end, but for a holiday party, it's nice to have an activity or two around, particularly the activities you can only do this time of year without feeling silly. Do some caroling, gift exchanges or decorate gingerbread houses— or gingerbread barns for the Montana factor.

Happy Holidays :)

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