In the state of Montana we appreciate working hard for our money. But when it comes to greed, how much do we tend to stockpile and not share our earnings?

A very interesting map shows which states in America are the MOST greedy. And what is the most interesting about the state of Montana is that we seem to be quite divided in how we handle our wealth.

For example, in the Missoula area we tend to hold our money close. Basically, the good majority of the west side of Montana is deemed 'greedy'. And yet, on the other side of the Big Sky Country we are much less clingy. The Billings area is noted for contributing large chunks of money to needy organizations and non-profits.

The rest of Montana is more so middle of the road, neither greedy or generous. Places like Big Sky and Bozeman, both well known for rich neighborhoods and large tourist attractions, are simply neither here nor there on this map.

See how we stack up against the rest of America here.

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