If there's one drawback to food trucks, it's probably that they're on wheels - that allows them to reach a wider audience and get set up at various community events and everything, but it also means that sometimes, you can be going to their usual spot only to discover that you misread their schedule, and in fact they're all the way across town.

Well, now Missoulians won't need to worry about that anymore. A new Instagram account just launched recently that you should definitely follow if you're a fan of local food trucks - it's the Missoula Food Truck Locator. Basically, every day the account will post a new map of Missoula, detailing where every food truck that they have the info for will be on any given day. They've also been doing a few giveaways for local food trucks there, too.

The account's been live for a little over a month and already has about 2400 followers. A Missoulian named Eric Bucy runs the account, which originally saw him going online and collecting the info himself, but now his followers are messaging him with news about different schedules and new food trucks launching in town.

Pretty useful, right? As someone who's a fan of lots of food trucks in town but is bad at actually knowing where they are, I definitely started following this. If you've got a food truck and you're not on their radar yet, you can DM them on Instagram to get yourself added.

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