As we've been dealing with the pandemic over the last few months, maybe you've been encouraged to get out and get some exercise a little more than you used to. With social options limited, it was a good time to get the bike out there and do some serious riding. And maybe you rode that thing a little too hard - and now you've got to fix whatever you did to your bike.

Well, that's where Hellgate Cyclery can come in. They'll be hosting a pop-up bike repair during the next First Friday, on September 4th. If you stop by the alley in front of Hellgate Cyclery between 6 and 7:30, they'll fix minor repairs for you as long as you donate money to MT BIPOC Mutual Aid.

That's right, they're not taking the money themselves - this is all to benefit the Montana Black Indigenous People of Color Mutual Aid Fund. Here's a little bit of info from their Facebook event page to tell you what it's all about:

MT BIPOC Mutual Aid is a community fund for Montanan's who have black or indigenous ancestry and who need help accessing food, clothing, money for rent, and other basic needs.

BIPOC people across the country have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. Let's rally together and help support BIPOC Montanans through this difficult time.
They'll accept cash donations, checks and venmo for your donations. Seems like a great way to help out a great cause, and tune up your bike while you're at it. Will you be checking this out?

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