Yes! You read the headline correctly. Somewhere out there, a gassy woman doesn't know how much she helped another woman get through a tough time.

TikTok has been known for having some REALLY weird content. As an "elder millennial," I resisted for as long as I could before I finally gave in to downloading the app. Now, I find myself going down some bizarre "rabbit holes" on the internet, watching content that involves short clips of people doing a goofy dance, sharing recipes, or just telling strange stories.

This one almost had me fall out of my chair. I don't know if it was due to some algorithms, or just pure luck, but I stumbled across a story about a woman's "Guardian Farter."

In this story, TikTok user @ebcjpg shares her story about breaking up with a person from Missoula. The story went from something I thought was going to have a wholesome message about "learning to let go," to a far different story about someone else "REALLY letting it go."

@ebcjpg Guardian farter #missoula ♬ original sound - Ebc.jpg

I guess this mystery person is more than just a Guardian Angel. As someone pointed out in the comments section, this person was her "FARTian Angel."

Since this video was filmed, the Missoula Airport has grown significantly. It is not as small as it was when this fart incident took place. Now, the new airport features extra TSA lines, improved baggage handling, a new viewing area, and even a brand new restaurant. Keeping reading to see photos of the newly improved Missoula airport.

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