A few weeks ago, my family came to Montana to visit, and I tried to show them as much of Montana as possible - we hiked the M, we went to the Gates of the Mountains in Helena, we went to a bunch of breweries (that one may have been mostly for me), and of course, I had to take them to Glacier National Park.

After we figured out our way in using the park's new ticketing system, we finally made our way to the park - and we had a great time, but a lot of the park was still closed off to us. Going-To-The-Sun Road cut off once you hit Avalanche Lake; it was too early in the year for us to go any further.

There was still plenty to do (the hike to and from Avalanche Lake alone took us like half the day), but it was a little bit of a bummer we couldn't take them up any further along the road - I was pretty blown away when I drove through it last year. Ah well, that just means we have something new for the next time they come to visit!

In the meantime, if you're looking to head to Glacier this summer but were waiting for the road to open up... you don't need to wait anymore! Going-To-The-Sun Road is now fully open, and can be fully accessed from the West Glacier and St. Mary entrances. And since it'll be fully open, they're increasing the number of tickets that will be available to get on the road, too.

Will you be heading out to Glacier National Park this summer?

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