The blog Deadspin released a survey indicating that Montana hates California with a passion. And lately Facebook has been a place for Montana residents to lash out about the recent inlux of California celebrity invasions.

"Hate" is one term tossed around often by locals whenever we hear that someone from Hollywood has moved into our neck of the woods. Part of us wants to believe that Montanans are saying that word with a tongue-in-cheek approach. Because we are, aren't we? For decades, Celebs have been the target of many local, somewhat harmless jokes. We don't really mean any harm. Right? Help us understand.

First off, "hate" is a pretty strong term, so for the sake of this healthy conversation we wish to downgrade that word to "strongly dislike", if you don't mind. We are sure you really don't HATE them, it's just that you must find something unappealing about people from Celebrities to begin with. This is what we are trying to wrap our head around.

"It's because we have the Last Best Place. Why share it? We were here FIRST," explains Jewel Rothchild, Lolo MT.


"Get out of Montana! We like our peaceful state, quite cluttering it up with your Starbucks on every corner." said Frank Smith, Billings, MT.


"That's how liberalism spreads, they visit a free state, fall in love with it. Move there and then vote their liberal ideologies into place and POOF another California. Washington was a great State 30 years ago. Now it's a turd." said Travis Arnott.

We noticed this more so yesterday when we broke the news that singer Justin Timberlake is now living in Bozeman, MT and last week when the Kardashian's literally slid and crashed into our roads. We are not exaggerating when we say that nearly all of the comments concerning that article were overwhelmingly negative. Comments like "oh great, another one" or "man, can't they just leave us alone?" were tossed around far too often.

"Stay out of Montana! this state is not some fantasy retreat for celebrities that are tired of city life... they won't last a year." said Nikki Sterling on Facebook.


"Montana is too beautiful and pure for celebs." said Alyssa Jackson.

Granted, the Kardashians do have a bit of a uppity-ish aura about them (we weren't the first to say it) but it is a characteristic that they themselves have addressed and are hoping to improve upon. Perhaps Montana can change them? What's so wrong with that? Maybe our lifestyle changes everyone for the better?

Aside from just Justin Timberlake and the Kardashians, most Montanans "strongly dislike" Hollywood in particular judging by the reactions from locals on social networks. Just open up any celeb story on Facebook and look for your Montana friends or their mutual area friends comments to see just how much they detest Hollywood.

Let's play devils advocate for a moment...

Wouldn't it be fair to say that anyone from outside of our area moving here is a good thing? We've always envisioned Montana to be like a Tupperware bowl full of Cheerios. We, as current residents, the Cheerios, tend to stick around at the bottom of the bowl living happily together, soaking in the same flavored milk, floating around in nutritious harmony, and unless something else, like a slices of bananas or fruit come along to give us more flavor we start to become, well, soggy. Not to say that celebs are fruity, get what we are trying to say.

The point we are trying to make with that analogy is that people from out of town bring money, new ideas, and often inspires the people around them. What is the harm in that? Is it a certain attitude that they bring along with them? The pollution that their cars bring to our roads? What is it exactly? Local area comments from Facebook give us a good idea, but often Montana opinions are clouded with such animosity or sarcasm that it's hard to truly understand the real reason.

Also, it's easy to slam a person you've never met. But what if you met them in real life? Would you say such things to their faces? It just feels like we are bullying a bit. That's all we are trying to say. Just remember, when you post something online for the whole world to see, comments like what we've seen lately tend to represent us all as a community and we aren't so sure we want to be known as mean people. Do we?

Again, just playing devil's advocate. Just trying to weigh both sides here...

Let's have a polite discussion here. Please be kind with your words in the comment section below.

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