As we all may have seen or heard, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and her family had a minor fender bender over the weekend in Bozeman, Montana. On Saturday, Khloe allegedly slipped on black ice outside of Belgrade in their GMC Yukon. There were no injuries though…the Cali girls just needed a little help getting back on the highway.

Some of the tweets and comments from locals were, shall we say, unwelcoming to say the least.

"Sean Moore Satake Jesus, be careful everyone ....this could be the start of an infestation, let's hope they didn't lay any eggs. I say we nuke Bozeman from orbit just to be sure."


"Magda Claire Podlipny Definitely a sign they don't belong here! Why were they here in the first place?! Get lost!"


"Randie Rufenach They need to learn to drive. dont come to montana if you cant handle the weather."


"Jenn Edgerton There was a woman who died in missoula yesterday. Does anyone care or has she not acted like a dressed up hooker enough?"


"Charlene Lace Ohh boo hoo... they slid of the damn road.. happens every day in Montana and you don't see that on headline news. Cripes. Go back to LA where u belong!"


And when we sent the camera around town to get locals thoughts on tape, the feelings and opinions about the matter were just the same. Here's what women in Montana really think about media descending upon our state to cover a minor celebrity fender bender.

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