Priorities, we all have them…

Knowing your priorities is so so important. I’ve had clients say "I'm just not willing to do that." And that is totally fine to say. It's actually great to be able to acknowledge it. The problem comes when you keep beating yourself up because you're not getting where you want to be.


Part of determining your priorities is thinking through the trade offs and if you can live with them.

-So you're not willing to change your eating habits right now...that's OK. Just know that fat loss is really hard to achieve without changing your diet.

-So you're not willing to set aside 30 minutes a day to get some kind of workout in....totally fine. Just know that you're probably gonna continue to feel weak and out of breath from walking up that flight of stairs.


This may sound harsh and that is not my intention. It's just important to be real with yourself and say, right now this is where I'm at. As you go, priorities will change and shift too! Just because something's not a priority now doesn't mean it can never be. So try it out...


***Figure out your priorities and OWN them.

Then what?

Here is an idea of a priority to me and how to make it an action step:

If you know me at all, I'm sure you can all guess that I think your health should always be a pretty high priority. But the part that you might not know is I fully believe it can be a high priority without taking over your life!! That's why I'm all about changing one small habit at a time! Not only is it doable for everybody, but it's also been PROVEN to work 100x better than a complete overhaul!


The question is what CAN you do? Can you get up 20 minutes earlier and get in a short circuit or a 20 minute walk during your lunch break?  Can you get in for a 30 minute class? Can you stop eating when your 80% full instead of 100? Can you go to bed 30 minutes earlier?


Start small and make it so easy you know you can do it. COMMIT TO IT. Every 2 weeks add something in.

It doesn’t take a big leap, only baby steps forward and then it becomes doable and eventually a priority!


**If you do, I promise these small changes will start to add up and make a big difference!


~Rachel Plumage


Coach Team TNT

T Rachel

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